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Digital Health and Safety Solution

Help your people return to work, safely

If you’re ready to get back to business, you need to be confident that your people, customers and visitors will all be safe. With everything from heat detection cameras to social distance monitoring and employee chat-bots, our digital health and safety solutions can help.

They can reduce risk across all sorts of work environments from offices and shops to construction sites, reassuring your employees that when they return to the workplace, their wellbeing will be your priority.

Help to build a future ready workplace with our digital health and safety solutions

Build a future-ready workplace

Adapt for today, prepare for tomorrow.

Make a safe return to your workplace with flexible digital solutions that help you reduce risk and care for your people and customers. Wherever your people are—from offices to factories—having the right measures in place to keep them safe is essential.

See how our solutions can help you keep your workplace — and people — safe in our ebook, and build a business that’s ready for what’s next.

Tailored solutions

Whatever your exact requirements, our range of flexible solutions can be mixed and matched to suit them.

Vodafone keeps your employees safely connected wherever they choose to work

Feel connected with your organisation wherever you work

Employees are working in distributed groups or even on their own and, being sociable animals, need easy intercommunication with their colleagues. The latest tools enable employees to stay in touch better, to share information better and to collaborate better. Good collaboration capabilities will assist employees in feeling connected to the organisation.
The Connected Workday from Vodafone Business (02:16)

Work differently

Enable all your people to work in the way that’s best for them – and for your business. Learn how our dedicated Back to Work Consultancy can help you optimise efficiency, productivity and job satisfaction for every employee.

Rebuilding the future of work

First-hand perspectives on the impact of COVID-19: the good, bad and transformative

“As we move forward businesses need to make sure that their staff are comfortable when they're going back to the workplace and are going back as safely as possible”

COVID-19 has forced changes to the way we work — from a mass shift to remote working, to social distancing measures and virtual interactions. We interviewed 10 employees across Vodafone to get their perspectives on the impact of lockdown, wellbeing in the workplace and technology’s role in preparing for the future.

The Future of Business Webinar Series

If you still have questions around the new way of working, don’t miss our series of webinars looking at the future of business. Experts from across Vodafone and guest speakers will be discussing the challenges businesses are facing, looking at our own research from our Future Ready report. We’ll also focus on topics such as whether technologies that have been implemented are geared up to the future and how we can support our customers.

How are businesses reacting to increased health and safety concerns?

Since the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are placing more importance on health and safety. In our recent research, employee health and wellbeing was a priority for 62% of respondents. But what actions are they taking to manage it? Find out more below.
Image-92 percent
of businesses are planning to make some form of change to the work environment in response to COVID-19.
Prioritising the health and wellbeing of employees is expected to be the number 1 change in business models.

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