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Vodafone IPVPN

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Vodafone Business IPVPN, a network you can trust.

When availability and data privacy are top of your list, Vodafone Business IPVPN is the answer. It’s a solid, worry-free network that keeps your information separate from the rest of the world and it’s a great platform for moving to the cloud. Perfect for all your business-critical applications and securely connecting 180+ countries around the world, it keeps pace with your needs. We use the same integrated network as we do for mobile to deliver always-on connectivity – so you can provide the same connected experience from Turkey to Tasmania.




Vodafone Business IPVPN protects your business-critical data from cyber attack and security breaches by providing secure private connectivity across your organization right to where you need it. You’ll have peace of mind when sharing sensitive information like customer account details or hot-off-the press product announcements because your network is keeping it private and safe.



Bandwidth-hungry applications such as video and livestreams run smoothly even at busy times because our Quality of Service can prioritise time-sensitive and business-critical applications. IPVPN helps keep your users happy and productive by giving them the reliability and performance they need, supported by network prioritization and SLAs. You won’t see any blips through latency or network congestion.



The pressure is off your IT team because IPVPN is easy to manage using a single platform and up-time is guaranteed through network diversity. Cost savings are made because video, voice and critical apps run over one secure and flexible network. And users are happy because they can screenshare on virtual calls whilst making tweaks to webpages or checking salesforce status.

And it’s a great stepping-stone for when you’re ready to move to SD-WAN. If you’ve already built your own SD-WAN, Vodafone Business IP-VPN “wires only” is an ideal underlay solution that delivers high performing and secure connectivity.

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Why Vodafone Business IPVPN

Reliability and Global/Local Scale

We design, deliver and support services globally with local intimacy

Network Reach and Depth

180+ countries (direct in 73 countries)

Flexible product offer

Managed, Wires Only and SD-WAN underlay

ISO27001 certified

Secure government-accredited network


Configurations with up to 99.999% site availability SLAs


Proactive monitoring

Suite of ITIL services

Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Event Management, Capacity Management, Availability Management, Service Level Management, Technical Management, Continual Service Improvement.

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