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Realise your ambitions with Vodafone’s SD-WAN solution


The future-ready software-defined WAN

At Vodafone, we believe that intelligent connectivity is the backbone of your ambition. Whether you want to expand to new markets, disrupt your sector, or become more productive, our SD-WAN solution will provide you with the flexibility, control and visibility you need to take advantage of the next wave of innovation – and stay ahead of the competition.

The Power to think big with Vodafone SD-WAN

The power to think big

We like thinking big, and we know our customers think big too. Find out how high-speed networks and intelligent connectivity create the foundation for incredible ideas and innovation.

SD-WAN: a platform for innovation

Drive uninterrupted business

Drive uninterrupted business

Run seamless operations across bandwidth-heavy applications and make poor network connectivity and performance issues a thing of the past.

React fast to unexpected events

React fast to unexpected events

Incoming threat? Take action! What if protecting your network were this easy?

Make faster, better decisions

Make faster, better decisions

Wish you could be better informed about your network? Our single portal interface gives you the absolute visibility you need.

A smart yet simplified network

Make faster, better decisions

Why the full picture matters

With a complete overview of your network, it’s easier to manage and prioritise your applications.

Make faster, better decisions

Embracing simplicity

No costly on-site expertise. No migration pains. No additional firewalls. Vodafone SD-WAN
has ease-of-use built in.

Vodafone SD-WAN in detail

how future ready networks will enable the digital enterprise

How future-ready networks will enable the digital enterprise

Image-SD-WAN vision

SD-WAN Vision


Vodafone SD-WAN Product Overview

Why choose Vodafone?

A network as big as your ambitions

With 184 countries and 1 million km of fibre cable, the breadth and depth of our global network is unrivalled.

Not just fixed connectivity

We operate a tier-one ISP global internet backbone and one of the world’s largest mobile networks.

Delivering an end-to-end service

We provide the underlying transport network and virtual overlay, so we guarantee quality of service.