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Vodafone Ready Network

Our SDN solutions to power the future of business

Accelerate your digital journey with SDN

Digital transformation may be at the top of every business agenda, but it depends upon a network infrastructure designed for the digital age. Only with flexible, scalable and secure connectivity, can businesses preserve their data security, maintain trust and reputation, foster strong customer relationships, and keep control of their costs.

Software-defined networking accelerates transformation by providing an intelligent platform for data-intensive applications, specific policies for meeting customer expectations, and a centralised view of an entire network as it scales. All are essential capabilities for any business trying to make the most of their digital transformation strategies.

Data, trust and success in the 21st century business

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Did you know?

Wherever you’re based, we’re there

Around the globe, our network reaches 182 countries.

The complete package

We provide the physical network and the management and control function.

Broadband experts

We are Europe’s fastest growing broadband provider with 20.4m customers.

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