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DDoS Protect

Can you always keep your Internet secure?

Keep your business safe from DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can overwhelm your server, service and network with a flood of malicious internet traffic, resulting in revenue losses and a serious decline in customer trust.

Vodafone Business DDoS Protect can help you detect and block attacks without slowing down your network to protect your brand reputation and provide your users with a smooth experience.

Why should you care about DDoS attacks?

Can your business fall victim to DDoS attacks?

  • Both organisations that share content, such as websites, and companies consuming data, such as employees using cloud-based productivity tools, can become targets and need protection.

Why are DDoS attacks so popular amongst hackers?

  • It only costs approximately $5 to carry out a DDoS attack, but it can cause serious revenue losses of up to $5600 a minute.

What’s the reason behind DDoS attacks?

  • Some attackers hope to gain a ransom from victims to get their business back online, and others attack simply to show that they’re capable of doing it. In some cases, it’s an attempt to put competitors in a difficult position, while political hacktivism attacks aim to raise awareness of issues or disrupt a state.

We’re protecting…

Your business on a global scale

Our global network visibility allows us to mitigate attacks before they reach your network and provide redundancy in case of system failure, no matter the location.

Your budget and resources

There’s no need to set up a full array of mitigation tools and hire security experts internally – we take care of your defence at a flat-rate price.

Your peace of mind

Skilled technicians working in our SOCs use distributed software and hardware to constantly monitor your traffic and ensure your data sovereignty.

How does it work?


What’s in it for you?

Complete DDoS defence

Minimised latency, no maximum traffic limit and full network visibility to ensure accurate mitigation

Vodafone global backbone

With our huge mitigation capacity and global coverage, we can handle threats of all sizes early in the attack journey

End-to-end service

You get customised SLAs, alert notifications, B2B support and an easy-to-use portal – all from a single partner

Custom mitigation

We monitor traffic against defined thresholds and build a mitigation solution tailored to your needs

24/7 Security Operations Centres

Our SOCs provide extensive experience to reduce the need for internal mitigation tools and relieve your IT team

DDoS dashboard

You can monitor your entire security estate through detailed reports and real-time insights

Why choose Vodafone Business DDoS Protect?

We have 25 years’ experience in securing our networks and we’ve mitigated 793,000 DDoS events since 2017

We’re a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Services, Global for the fifth year in a row

We work with 2,000 of the world’s biggest multinational organisations and our network carries 20% of the world’s internet traffic to more than 180 countries

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