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Vodafone Business Internet portfolio

Fast and reliable access to the world's best IP network

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Internet access individualised for you

Sharing the public internet with others can drag your business down, leading to slow speeds, low service reliability and poor cybersecurity. But we can help.

Whether you’re hosting a website, making huge file transfers or running real-time applications, our Internet solutions provide reliable connectivity to protect your data, deliver uninterrupted service and build higher resilience. Underpinned by our world-leading network, you can get unlimited access even at busy times.

We also offer a managed and maintained service, so your connectivity is always taken care of. And whenever you’re ready, our Internet will support your move to SD-WAN.



We offer a global coverage you can rely on, with a trustworthy network that supports your teams, no matter where or how far away they are. Give your users creative freedom with access to all the tools they need through secure, fast and reliable internet connectivity.


With our flexible speeds, your service can scale up or down as you need. And you don’t have to worry about high demand on your network. With proactive monitoring, we identify and resolve issues in advance to avoid service interruption and give you unlimited accessibility.


Our contracts are designed to adapt when things change, and you choose how to pay: through fixed billing for more predictability, or by simply paying as you go. We provide 24/7 support, service monitoring and management, and a single point of contact to make things easier for you.

Our four Internet solutions

Vodafone Business Global Internet

Internet connectivity is a perfect underlay for connecting your branches worldwide to move to SD-WAN. Our service gives you cost-effective internet access via our local operating companies and partners, with a single point of contact for all your service and ordering needs. You can choose broadband or dedicated Internet options, with fixed public IP addresses and a global SLA that can scale as your business grows.

Vodafone Dedicated Internet Access

Ideal for multi-nationals to connect data centres, large sites or private cloud. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) gives you secure, unlimited private internet, ensuring excellent experience and enhanced resilience. You get fast connectivity that’s exclusive to your business, with symmetrical upload and download speeds, performance reporting, premium cloud access and high, burstable bandwidth.

Vodafone Enterprise Broadband

We offer a range of residential or commercial broadband packages for UK-based enterprises who need to connect different residences or small offices. You’ll get a single account for multiple sites or connections, with primary or secondary access to the application layer and static IP addresses. All in compliance with the Voluntary Code of Practice (VCoP), so you don’t have to worry about regulatory matters or service performance.

Vodafone IP Transit

For national or regional carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who want onward Internet for users outside of their network footprint. And for hyperscalers needing high-capacity Internet for their public cloud services. Underpinned by our global IP backbone, we securely connect your sites and teams through unlimited private internet that uses point-to-point optical access with very low delay, giving greater resilience and a seamless experience.

Perfect connectivity to your Cloud


Vodafone Business internet services just got even better with a new Microsoft Azure Peering Services accreditation for Vodafone Dedicated Internet Access and Vodafone IP Transit.

Vodafone is now one of Microsoft’s partners offering improved peering services for delivering Microsoft Office 365 applications, providing high-performing connectivity for all your public Microsoft Cloud needs.

It’s a simple opt-in for our existing customers and gives new clients even more reason to choose Vodafone. We’re looking forward to announcing even more new developments with Microsoft soon.

Choice and control

With Microsoft Azure Peering Services you have an optimized connectivity solution available per site which is supported by the reliability and performance of Microsoft and Vodafone.

There are Vodafone/Microsoft peering points in 18 cities across Europe, US and Asia Pacific and this number is growing.

High bandwidth, capacity and resilience

We’ve improved the design of our core and our interface with Microsoft. This means that we’re now offering even better resilience and high-bandwidth connectivity.

With our Microsoft Azure Peering Services-enabled internet product, all it takes is a single hop for traffic to reach Microsoft from our network and that means better performance through reduced network delays.

Trusted partnership

High-performing internet is critical for running Microsoft cloud-based applications. Our strategic partnership takes connectivity further.

Only a small number out of the thousands of ISPs in the world have this exclusive accreditation (and even fewer in Europe).

And if you need stronger security

Vodafone Business DDoS Protect

Uptime is essential for hosting your critical applications. This means you need to protect your infrastructure against threats that might halt your service or impose downtime.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protect can be added to your Dedicated Internet or IP Transit solutions to safeguard your website, firewall, servers and data against attacks that can damage your on-line customer experience and brand reputation.

Our fully managed, automated service removes attack traffic before it hits your network. This ensures uninterrupted service even when an attack happens. And by customising your network configurations, our specialists can defend attacks of all sizes.

Our partners

We have partnerships in place to help you reach and connect in new geographies without the need for negotiating new contracts or dealing with multiple suppliers. We hold direct peering arrangements with leading cloud providers – including AWS, Microsoft, Google, and IBM – to provide you with best-in-class Internet performance and service experience.

Why Vodafone

Global reach & local presence

We are present in over 190 countries, with local responsive support, 24/7 Incident Management and Global Service Desk.

Market leadership

We’ve been named as a “Leader” in the Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global, for the fourth year in a row.

Trusted partner

We work with 2,000 of the world’s biggest organisations, 70% of the Fortune 500 and carry 20% of global internet traffic on our network.


Security and simplicity

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures your data is always protected and our extensive portfolio means you deal with a single provider for all your communication needs.

Driven by innovation

We’ve invested €23bn in our network over the past two years, have 1m km of fibre assets and own the largest gigabit-capable, next-gen network in Europe.

Expertise you can trust

Our professional services teams want to know your business inside out. We’ll study your processes and technology to understand your priorities and challenges.

Your dedicated team, with proven expertise in fixed connectivity, will create a detailed transformation plan, so you know exactly what to expect. We can also oversee the global implementation, roll-out and longer-term management of your solution.