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Fixed communications solutions for your business

Getting you ready for your future


Markets are so dynamic, and businesses are changing quickly too. Provisioning and managing for bandwidth, flexibility and accessibility are trying to keep up. Customer response times need to be on-demand, and employees are trying to work smarter to stay on top.

Our fixed connectivity portfolio offers an end-to-end approach that delivers network-wide, building-to-building and internet connectivity, wherever you need it. We deliver these services in 182 countries around the world, setting you up for success with your digital ambitions.

Fixed and IP voice services

Fixed data networking

Scale up as demands increase

Boost business and IT performance with a range of hybrid and WAN solutions.

We can help you transition, manage and operate complex infrastructures. This covers the spectrum from network, device and router management, through to service, incident, helpdesk, security, invoice and contract management.