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COVID-secure Business Solutions

Get your business ready for what’s next

No matter what your business has been through over the past few months, we’re here to help you get back to your best – and prepare for what’s next.

We’ve got the technology, tools and tips you need to move forward. Our experts can help with everything from making remote working more secure and productive, to making your workplace safer. We’ll help you take care of it, so you can take care of business.

Build a future-ready workplace

Adapt for today, prepare for tomorrow.

Wherever your business operates—the office, at home, on-site—it’s important that your people are equipped with the right tools to remain productive and the right measures are in place to keep them safe.

See how you can enable remote working, keep the workplace safe and find new ways of working in our ebook, to build a business that’s ready for what’s next.

A new way of working

Our solutions can help you work remotely, safely and in new, agile ways, that bring out the best in every employee.

Rebuilding the future of work

First-hand perspectives on the impact of COVID-19: the good, bad and transformative

"I think everyone just needs to take that step forward now and say it's never going to be the same again"

COVID-19 has forced changes to the way we work — from a mass shift to remote working, to social distancing measures and virtual interactions. We interviewed 10 employees across Vodafone to get their perspectives on the impact of lockdown, wellbeing in the workplace and technology’s role in preparing for the future.

The Future of Business Webinar Series

If you still have questions around the new way of working, don’t miss our series of webinars looking at the future of business. Experts from across Vodafone and guest speakers will be discussing the challenges businesses are facing, looking at our own research from our Future Ready report. We’ll also focus on topics such as whether technologies that have been implemented are geared up to the future and how we can support our customers.

How are businesses responding to disruption from COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted business worldwide. But in our latest research report, we identify a new sub-set of ‘future ready’ businesses that proved to be more agile, resilient and prepared than their competitors. So, what do these businesses look like, what can we all learn from them and how can we become more like them?

 Image-75 percent

of businesses expect they’ll need to make changes to their business models.

 Image-40 percent

said they’re highly likely to seek out local or regional suppliers, over buying abroad.

Image-90 percent

said they’re giving their employees some sort of extra support.

Why Vodafone?

Wherever you’re based, we’re there

Around the globe, our network reaches over 184 countries.

The complete package

We provide the underlying transport network, the virtual overlay, and the platform to prioritise everything.

We are a Leader

We have been recognised by industry analysts as leading network providers.