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Our solutions are designed with very specific criteria in mind: yours. Our customers are organisations of every size that communicate multinationally in every sector. Experience our deep understanding and expertise when you engage with us and discover the best solution for you.

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Tap into the world's largest network and our comprehensive portfolios, and discover a solution that is designed to meet specific business needs within every sector. 

We bring extensive experience of working across many verticals. It powers the development of communications solutions which are proven, secure and innovative. They can transform your organisation to become more agile in the dynamic on-demand economy, be compliant with regulations, offer new ways for employees to collaborate, and deliver services that drive outstanding experiences.

In the energy and utilities sector, we're helping suppliers to further simplify communications and automate processes. We're helping the banking and finance sector stay ahead of faster-moving markets transforming them to become more responsive, developing new customer offers such as usage-based vehicle insurance.

In healthcare and clinical science, it's now essential to more closely monitor patients – wherever they are. Our customers use IoT devices and services that deliver instant information and analysis. Valuable drug shipments can be tracked to ensure their safe arrival, and that an appropriate climate is maintained in the vehicle. We're also active in the social welfare sector, where IoT services are used to help medically or socially vulnerable people safely live dignified, independent lives.

Our manufacturing and supply chain solutions are driving greater, more efficient productivity that leads organisations to become more competitive worldwide. Transport and logistics firms benefit from greater transparency and safety in shipment tracking, and better fleet management monitoring, driver safety and legal compliance. 

Retail firms are using IoT services to finds new efficiencies and ways to please customers, and small-to-medium sized businesses are supporting staff in the digital workplace, while streamlining processes and expanding into new opportunities.

We're privileged to work with governments, NGOs and other organisations in the public sector, where we help them meet the needs of military defense, government, and accelerating digital inclusion for NGOs.