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Vodafone Business Smart Operations

Work faster and smarter by synchronising your people, data and technology

Take your operations from fast to frictionless

In a competitive market, upgrading technology isn’t enough. To stay ahead, your operating environments need to be more innovative, efficient and productive than ever. And all too often, infrastructural barriers can hold you back.

With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, your organisation can create productive, adaptable environments that enable you to pivot to new demands. Predict with greater accuracy, drive better decision-making and respond faster to increase productivity. Drawing on our Mobile Private Networks, Edge, IoT and 5G solutions, you can take your operations from fast to frictionless – and from smarter to truly smart.

Sustainable digital transformation

Staying competitive

Businesses are looking into finding new forms of operational excellence and accelerating digital transformation to respond faster to customer needs and increase productivity. It’s all about optimisation and adaptability.

Digital immunity

Operations combined with data-driven insight, automation, software engineering and security optimise a company’s digital immune system. By 2025, businesses that invest in digital immunity will decrease their downtime by up to 80%.


CEOs now consider environmental and social changes a top 3 priority, after profit and revenue. Organisations need a new sustainable technology framework that increases energy and material efficiency through technology such as automation and analytics to enable sustainability.

We’ve achieved EcoVadis certification with platinum status and are in the top 1% of companies worldwide, showing that we prioritise sustainability and social responsibility in everything we do.

Smart Operations & Industry 4.0

Can fast be even faster?

Microseconds can make all the difference for businesses. But could operations move even faster? With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, your organisation could reach new speeds.

Your supply chain will be shortened and better connected, enabling you to get new products to market faster.

Your components across your production lines will be rapidly reconfigured to capture emerging opportunities more quickly and ahead of your competition

With real-time data you can make informed, better and faster decisions to take the organisation forward.

Can insight be more insightful?

Data is the currency of the future for enterprises, and yet it is only as valuable as it is insightful and actionable. With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, the insights your business relies on could be even more valuable.

Your customer insights will be more valuable and actionable by drawing from a greater range of data sources and putting all this in the hands of your people in real time, creating more loyal and engaged customers.

Your insights into your assets and operating environments will be more accurate and timelier, so that maintenance and replacement can be predicted and prevented.

Your insights into your own workforce will be deeper, so that you can better understand how they work now and how they could work better in the future.

Can adaptive be even more adaptable?

The speed and skill with which enterprises adapt to changing environments is a key determiner of success. With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, your organisation could reach a whole new level of adaptability.

Analyse critical information and anticipate hazards before they occur with more accessible and actionable data.

Make your workforce more adaptable to new technologies with smart training and re-skilling technologies.

Be the disruptor, not the disrupted, by rapidly adapting your production and distribution processes to capture new opportunities and new markets

Smart Operations in your industry


Improved quality control

Improve precision with timely data sharing between machines and skilled personnel.

Increased productivity and agility

Make tech more productive by harnessing the full power of data to refine decision-making.

Improved efficiency

Our solutions support increasing automation to improve efficiency.

Why Vodafone?

Flexible, scalable next-gen solutions

As pioneers of Mobile Private Networks, we can help you shift towards more competitive work methods and deliver flexibility at scale across all your operations.


Seamless connectivity and security in one

We operate the world’s largest fully owned network with built-in security, protecting more data across our networks than any other telecom provider.

We’re trusted partners

As a global leader in IoT with over 162 million connections, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate your IoT connectivity with your cloud environments to increase automation.

MPN, Edge Computing and 5G change the game


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