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Vodafone Business Smart Operations

Work faster and smarter by synchronising your people, data and technology


In a competitive market, upgrading technology isn’t enough. To stay ahead, your operating environments need to be smarter, more efficient and more productive than ever. And all too often, infrastructural barriers can hold you back.

Vodafone Business Smart Operations can help take your operation environments to the next level by increasing your productivity, making more of your existing tech and readying you for the hyperconnected future. Drawing on our Mobile Private Networks, Edge, IoT and 5G solutions, you can take your operations from fast to frictionless — and from smarter to truly smart.

Accelerating digital transformation

90% of Europe’s FT500 will incorporate new digital KPI sets - product/service innovation rates, data capitalization, and employee experience - by the end of 2022 (IDC).
39% of businesses say they have accelerated their digitalisation plans after the pandemic (Vodafone Future Ready Report).
84% of companies say they are able to do things they couldn’t do before as they digitalise their business (Vodafone IoT Spotlight).

Can fast be even faster?

Microseconds can make all the difference for businesses. But could operations move even faster? With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, your organisation could reach new speeds.

Your supply chain will be shortened and better connected, enabling you to get new products to market faster.


Your components across your production lines will be rapidly reconfigured to capture emerging opportunities more quickly and ahead of your competition


With real-time data you can make informed, better and faster decisions to take the organisation forward.

Can insight be more insightful?

Data is the currency of the future for enterprises, and yet it is only as valuable as it is insightful and actionable. With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, the insights your business relies on could be even more valuable.

Your customer insights will be more valuable and actionable by drawing from a greater range of data sources and putting all this in the hands of your people in real time, creating more loyal and engaged customers.


Your insights into your assets and operating environments will be more accurate and timelier, so that maintenance and replacement can be predicted and prevented.


Your insights into your own workforce will be deeper, so that you can better understand how they work now and how they could work better in the future.

Can adaptive be even more adaptable?

The speed and skill with which enterprises adapt to changing environments is a key determiner of success. With Vodafone Business Smart Operations, your organisation could reach a whole new level of adaptability.

Analyse critical information and anticipate hazards before they occur with more accessible and actionable data.


Make your workforce more adaptable to new technologies with smart training and re-skilling technologies.


Be the disruptor, not the disrupted, by rapidly adapting your production and distribution processes to capture new opportunities and new markets.

Smart Operations in your industry

Explore the Factory of the Future

Vodafone is combining IoT, Mobile Private Networks, 5G and Edge Computing to help manufacturers go to market faster, by ensuring tools, parts and people are synchronised, giving them access to real-time data to make informed decisions.

To see how this is faster, more secure, reliable and flexible connectivity can transform your operations, we invite you to explore our interactive 3D model of today’s smart factories.

Smart Operations in Action



Better quality control

Take your production and distribution ever closer to zero imperfections. Timely and accessible data can catch every error, and predictive analytics will identify hazards before they occur.


Boost productivity

Close the value gap by adapting to new customer challenges. As well as raising productivity, you can refine decision-making and improve organisational behaviour.


More efficient use of your Operational Technology

Modern operating technologies are intelligent, but they can be even more efficient. With Smart Operations, your technologies can be more secure, collaborative and reliable.

Why Vodafone?


A future-proof portfolio of solutions

  • Our expertise in 5G, MPN, MEC and IoT helps you build smarter operations.
  • Our solutions aim to eventually hyperconnect whole enterprises.

Access to our best-of-breed partner ecosystem

  • Our ecosystem of partners gives you access to the best solutions and tech.
  • We provide sector-expert services and support whoever you work with.

A global reach without weak links

  • We have the global reach to deal with remote workforces and assets.
  • Our always-on connectivity covers over 184 countries.
  • We’re a global leader in IoT.

Edge Computing, Mobile Private Networks & 5G change the game