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Providing your employees with business level internet speeds

12 Feb 2021

Bringing reliable connectivity to employees at home

Today, working from home is more about recreating the entire office environment so employees can do everything they would be able to do in the office, from anywhere.

And not just for the short-term.

Working from home is now a long-term feature of business, but it’s presenting challenges — particularly when it comes to internet connectivity and bandwidth.

Working from home brings connectivity challenges

In a survey during the first few months of 2020, more than half (51%) of people said they’d had IT problems, and nearly a third (29%) are still experiencing them while working remotely.

But the main concern? Poor internet and bandwidth problems: nearly half (49%) of remote workers said this was their biggest problem.

The reason for this is simple: most home broadband connections, whether wired or wireless, aren’t designed to support medium to large-scale business activities (whether that’s running customer contact centres or data management from the kitchen).

Home offices may now be “branches” of businesses — but many are simply not equipped to function that way.

These home broadband connections are dealing with video conferencing, file sharing, data transfer, live collaboration and much more over the internet.

Add housemates, partners or family members to the mix, all competing for bandwidth to stream shows, play games or work, and there’s more potential for very slow and unreliable connections.

If businesses expect employees to work remotely long term, it’s time to invest in Dedicated Internet Access.

See how Dedicated Internet Access fits into a remote working solution here.

Creating reliable, high-speed connectivity

Dedicated Internet Access (fixed or wireless) gives your employees a reliable way to stay connected. It’s simple to install and can be tailored to your needs.

With Dedicated Internet Access, employees get uninterrupted connectivity and can access the data and applications they need, when they need them. No more fighting for bandwidth.

If they do want the reassurance of a wired connection, they can get a router to improve both speed and reliability.

From a business standpoint, this also provides several benefits:

  • Scalability

Because all connections are dealt with through a single portal, new employees can simply be added or removed as needed.

  • Centralised support

If something goes wrong with an employee’s home broadband, you’re at the mercy of an engineer coming out to fix it when it fits their call-out schedule. That could take days. During which time your employee is essentially out of action.

With Dedicated Internet Access, you have the support for a 24/7 team behind you who can get employees’ connection problems sorted quickly and have them up and running in a few minutes, rather than days.

  • High-performance connections

When internet traffic is at its highest during the day, this is when employees need reliable access the most. By choosing Dedicated Internet Access — particularly with a provider that offers assured speeds — your employees have access to the best connection speed whenever they need it.

Setting the foundations for a remote future

Finally, Dedicated Internet Access provides the ideal foundation for recreating the office environment at the home.

With higher bandwidth, employees can have access to critical tools like unified communications, allowing them to access all their business’ communication channels from home or remotely.

Without Dedicated Internet Access, employees would be competing for bandwidth with children, partners or roommates, potentially leading to drops in service or reduced application performance.

These corporate networks aren’t just a solution to a temporary crisis. They provide a foundation for a future of remote, flexible and agile working that many businesses were already heading towards.

With a reliable connection that provides fast access to applications, even in peak periods, remote employees can remain productive, connected and motivated.

Want to find out more about building your business’ technology stack for remote working? Check out our guide.

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