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The human relationship with technology

Preparing the workforce for success

The digital world creates opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Overall, businesses see technology as a way to reduce mundane tasks and advance business operations. By having an open-minded attitude, businesses considered to be ‘fit for the future’ are best using technology, minimising its impact on society and achieving personal success all at once.

Automation and creativity

According to our Fit for the Future Report

86 percent

of 'fit for the future' organisations say they’re taking action to deal with an automated world, compared to 75% of businesses overall

51 percent

of 'fit for the future' businesses are training employees to build skillsets that cannot be replaced by automation

What sets 'fit for the future' businesses apart?


They are mindful of the impact of technology on society

They are likely to have taken action to mitigate the harms of technology adoption, especially when it comes to job security and wellbeing.


They are mindful of the impact of technology within their business

They use advanced analytics to help decision-making.


They prepare their workforce to succeed in an automated world

They invest in training their staff and build valuable creative skills that can’t be replaced by automation.


They feel responsible in ensuring that technology has a positive impact

They think about technology as their responsibility in terms of its impact on society, they don’t just rely on governments.

Adopt transformative technologies with Vodafone Business’ services tailored to your needs

Providing the right technology and preparing your employees for success will set your business apart. We can support you on your journey with expert advice and services that match your specific goals.

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