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Cybersecurity is the foundation for your business

24 Mar 2021

Challenges of having robust cybersecurity are increasing in the current situation. The need to protect your business activities is important now more than ever. Whether you have on-site workers or use cloud-based technology, digital security threats need to be addressed. In fact, our Cyber Ready Barometer Report showed that 92% of businesses say their cybersecurity makes their business more effective. It can accelerate growth and innovation for your company as well as build confidence and demonstrate reliability and responsibility to company shareholders. This means that cybersecurity should be considered as a long-term investment.

Wondering where to start from? An effective cybersecurity system needs a security assessment first. This helps identify gaps in your defences and maps out the solutions you should consider to address those threats. Cybersecurity is all about knowing who does what and when to manage any malicious attacks or threats.

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