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Unified Communication Federation: Speeding up the supply chain

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Businesses need to remain competitive in a changing world, speeding up decision making both in the supply chain and internally.

To achieve these objectives, organisations need to explore the benefits of Unified Communication Federation, the ability for employees across the supply chain to collaborate and not just communicate.

We are all used to emailing and phoning suppliers and customers. But, it has also become routine to book meetings and contact people inside our organisation knowing when then are busy and free. Instant messaging and calendaring are the norm. As soon as we try and set up meetings with external contacts, we end up asking questions like “is Tuesday at 9:30 OK?” and when it is multiple organisations, this can be quite an exercise.

Imagine being able to share not just a phone number and email address, but also busy/free information and calendars with trusted partners. This is Unified Communication Federation (external collaboration), built natively into Skype for Business and coming soon with Cisco. Organisations with the same technologies, especially when in the cloud, can work seamlessly together.

Vodafone provides cloud based Unified Communications services aimed at reducing time to decision. By bringing cloud convergence to your organisation, we will lower the administrative burden on your leadership, help you manage your costs effectively and deliver a better way of working.

Take a look at our services can help speed up decision making for a competitive advantage

Unified Communication Federation is fully supported in our SME and Large enterprise product family.

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