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The missing link in healthcare

Addressing the silent killer of non-adherence

The missing link in healthcare: Addressing the silent killer of non-adherence

Clinicians are constantly looking for new and better treatments for acute and chronic conditions. But what if they could have a massive impact on patient outcomes at a fraction of the cost of developing new medication? They can by improving adherence.

Patients don't always stick to their treatments.

When patients with acute or chronic illnesses don’t stick to their treatment regime or take their medication as prescribed, they’re reducing their chances of survival, recovery or relief from symptoms.

The Internet of Things (IoT) value chain

In this paper, we cast a light on the importance of adherence and look at how it can be improved using IoT technologies — and what that could mean for the healthcare profession and patient care and wellbeing.

To learn more about IoT, visit Vodafone for Business.

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