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IoT Barometer 2016

White Paper

More than three quarters of businesses say that the Internet of Things is “critical” to their future success.

48% of IoT adopters are using it to support large-scale business transformation. More than a third say they already run their entire organisation on IoT. And adopters are assigning more of their IT budget to IoT than to cloud, analytics or mobile.

There's no doubt about it: enterprises are putting IoT at the very heart of their strategies.

That commitment is paying off. 63% of adopters say they have seen “significant” ROI, up from 59% in 2015. And, on average, adopters are measuring a huge 20% increase in key business performance indicators like revenue, cost and asset utilisation as a result of using IoT.

What the key to their success?

The Barometer is based on an independent study conducted by Circle Research, which surveyed nearly 1,100 enterprise and public-sector executives from 17 countries. It explores:

  • What organisations are really using IoT for, and how adopters are growing their investment over time
  • Which kinds of IoT application are most popular, and what results organisations are seeing
  • How successful businesses run their IoT projects, from setting targets to measuring KPIs
  • Why data is the key to getting value from IoT, and how businesses are getting it to the people that need it
  • The reality of IoT security concerns, and what businesses are doing to tackle the risks

The report features exclusive commentary from specialist IoT analyst firm Machina Research, as well as excerpts from interviews with IoT adopters sharing their experiences in their own words.

No matter where you are on your IoT journey, the Barometer will help you take the next step with confidence.

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