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Connected, Automated, Shared: The digital future of transportation will transform the way we live and work

White Paper

White Papers | May 2016

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From the connected car to the future of transport. 82% of automotive leaders believe that most cars will be connected by 2020.

Download the Vodafone Automotive - Connected, Automated, Shared report now

Read our new report to find out how IoT and the connected car are disrupting the automotive sector — and why it’s creating opportunities for innovation across all kinds of sectors.

We examine three key trends changing transportation, drawing on our unique research data and our experience working with many of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers. You’ll discover:

  • What’s driving adoption of the connected car - including the services that are most compelling for consumers, commercial fleet operators and OEMs. From avoiding recalls to cutting fleet running costs, opportunities are everywhere.
  • Why self-driving vehicles are closer than you might think — and why it’s commercial transportation that’s likely to be disrupted first. We explore how the development of autonomous vehicles will steer a new age of closer partnerships between car makers and technology companies.
  • That the greatest opportunities involve not just technology, but business model change. Starting from today’s “car as a service” offerings, the potential for innovation is vast. Many of the most powerful ideas will involve collaboration across industries: we’ll see car makers working with retailers, insurers and smart city providers to bring new user-centric services to life and transform data into business value.

The next few years will be pivotal for all those involved in automotive transportation — from vehicle manufacturers to insurers and municipalities. Download the report, “Connected, Automated, Shared” now to get a clear insight into the trends you need to be planning for today.

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