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Securing the IoT: Your biggest questions answered

White Paper

Securing the IoT

Business decision-makers have concerns about the security of IoT, that’s understandable — we’ve all read the high-profile cases of IoT devices being commandeered and used in DDoS attacks.

But the reality is that not all IoT deployments are built equal — some are more at risk than others. Our white paper answers the six most common questions we’re asked about the security of IoT projects. Find out how you can secure global deployments and get the skills you need to make a success of IoT — and get the reassurance you need to push ahead with your digital initiatives.

  1. Will my IoT data be vulnerable?
  2. Could hackers take control of my IoT devices?
  3. Could fraudulent use of my IoT SIMs cost me money?
  4. How do I get the skills I need in my team?
  5. How can I secure global deployments?
  6. How do I keep control?

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