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Securing the benefits of industry digitisation – a KPMG report for Vodafone

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Policy and regulation must be developed with the specific needs of the enterprise sector in mind, rather than as a by-product of regulation designed for consumer needs. The findings from this report looks at how multinational businesses are seeking to fully harness the opportunities of digitisation in the global economy.

Digitisation, and the rapid pace of technological change, is transforming the value chain in many industry sectors. Policy and regulation in areas such as net neutrality, licensing and authorisation, numbering, and data localisation will shape future growth of global ICT services used by business, including Machine to Machine (M2M) or Cloud and Hosting technologies.

Vodafone commissioned KPMG to assess the economic impact of these emerging rules, as it is proving difficult to establish frameworks which are applied in a coherent manner, and appropriately balance the needs of all stakeholders. This report is an effort to address these challenges so that the full potential of ICT services might be realised for businesses and consumers alike. Topics discussed in the report include:

  • Trends in the use of ICT services and machine generated data by enterprises
  • The potential socio-economic benefits
  • Sector specific examples of the economic benefits of digitisation
  • Regulatory threats to industry digitisation
  • Policy recommendations

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Did you know?

Vodafone was named as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global in 2018

Vodafone has connected 18.3 million vehicles worldwide by 2017

Vodafone’s high speed and low latency internet capacity has 28Tbps capacity worldwide