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Practical Guide: Make a cultural shift to unlock cloud gains

Insight and tips from our cloud experts

Changing habits and a cultural shift can unlock huge cloud gains

Marco Carrubba
Public Cloud Portfolio Lead, Vodafone Cloud & Security

The cloud promotes a different way of thinking about your IT estate to unlock its true benefits – but old habits can be hard to break. Shifting some, or all, of your IT, data, apps and business processes to the cloud has been a difficult process for most. A wholesale overnight cloud shift has been improbable and impractical for most organisations – regardless of their size and budget.

Cloud transformation requires organisations to rapidly evolve and embrace new ways of working and thinking, breaking long-ingrained behaviours and old habits. An organisation must incite a cultural shift to recognise and adapt to the flexibility of the cloud’s potential. More than this, businesses need to create a set of guidelines that ensure a consistent approach across the whole estate.

What should those guidelines look like? In this report, our cloud expert Marco Carrubba takes a deeper look into some of the main considerations for businesses when embracing the cloud:

  • Do you have organisation-wide cloud strategy?
  • Review your supplier selection process
  • Take a short term view
  • Understand that cloud and agile go hand-in-hand

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