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Practical Guide: Implementing cloud

White Paper

How to manage a smooth migration

The cloud is not just a way to make IT more flexible and cut costs. Today, it's about transforming businesses, gaining extreme competitive advantage and unlocking game-changing possibilities.

But while most companies are on the cloud journey, gaining these advantages isn't easy - it requires new skills, know-how and a different mind-set. One of the first hurdles is recognising that cloud is not a single technology, product or design - it really is a new approach to IT and there are different considerations and pitfalls to implementing cloud.

So how do you manage a smooth migration to cloud? We've distilled our experience from deploying cloud solutions for all business shapes and sizes into practical advice and tips to help ensure a simple and successful cloud migration.

This Guide includes expert advice on how to successfully migrate your business to cloud, including:

  • How to shape your migration - drivers, killer KPIs and resourcing
  • Migration planning musts
  • Stakeholder management advice
  • A simple four phase migration strategy

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