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Practical Guide: Building a better cloud business case

White Paper

Demonstrating the value of cloud by solving stakeholder problems

Digital transformation is not solely an IT or technology-centred project. Indeed, it’s as much about your stakeholders as any new solution, tool or software. And if there’s one thing that every successful cloud project has in common, it’s that they put the two hand in hand from day one.

In practice, it’s about aligning new technologies with business objectives: involving, identifying and engaging stakeholders, gaining buy-in for change and agreeing what the outcomes, scope and timings should be. The business case for cloud technology is, therefore, a crucially important first step.

This Guide includes expert advice on how to build a compelling cloud business case, including:

  • Business case buy-in
  • Planning and pitfalls
  • Business case best practice
  • What does a good business case for cloud look like?
  • A business case for Ready Business

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