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Insight Paper – Why Innovation is Central to a Smarter Business Culture

How do smarter businesses foster a culture of innovation?

Vodafone’s  How to Build a Smarter Business  research surveyed over 1000 global business to identify the common traits shared by a subset of high growth, highly profitable companies. We call them ‘smarter businesses’.

In this Smarter Business Insight Paper, we look at the culture of innovation running through smarter businesses, why the CIO should take the lead in its creation and why it is essential in order to extract maximum business value from current and emerging technologies.

Read our Insight Paper to discover the makings of an innovative culture:

Calculated risks are rewarded - A culture that encourages experimentation, challenging norms and thinking differently.
Imagination comes from the CIO - The CIO who knows how to maximise use of accurate, timely data to enhance decision-making.
Infrastructure allows for quick adoption - Cloud technology allows businesses to simplify the complex.

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