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Insight Paper – Smarter businesses are putting cloud at the heart of their company

Blockchain specialist, AI developer - how do smarter businesses source modern IT skills?

Vodafone’s  How to Build a Smarter Business research surveyed over 1000 global business to identify the common traits shared by a subset of high growth, highly profitable companies. We call them ‘smarter businesses’.

In this Smarter Business Insight Paper, we take a more detailed look at how smarter businesses use cloud differently to their competitors - examining their holistic, strategic approach to it and the results they achieve.

Read our Insight Paper to learn how smarter businesses use the cloud to:

Encourage digital transformation - Smarter businesses exploit cloud to expand their use of AI and Internet of Things technologies.
House key infrastructure - For four out of five smarter businesses, cloud is at the centre of their digital strategy.
Facilitate huge gains - Beyond operational efficiencies, cloud also boosts competitive advantage.

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Vodafone was named as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global in 2018

Vodafone has connected 18.3 million vehicles worldwide by 2017

Vodafone’s high speed and low latency internet capacity has 28Tbps capacity worldwide