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Insight Paper – New technology needs new IT skills

Blockchain specialist, AI developer - how do smarter businesses source modern IT skills?

Vodafone’s  How to Build a Smarter Business research surveyed over 1000 global business to identify the common traits shared by a subset of high growth, highly profitable companies. We call them ‘smarter businesses’.

In this Smarter Business Insight Paper, we further investigate some of the key findings uncovered in our global research. One significant trends identified was the rapidly changing nature of the IT skills required by modern businesses, the challenges of sourcing the right IT talent and how smarter business are doing things differently.

Read our Insight Paper to learn:

Where the big skills challenges lie - The pace of innovation makes it hard for businesses to know what skills to look for when they change so quickly. Even when they do, it’s tough to find them.
The difference between skills and technology issues - Smarter businesses are more likely to see key challenges as skills issues, including IT performance and customer experience improvements.
Why it’s vital to deploy skills correctly - Smarter businesses maximise the potential of their IT workers. 64% feel their success depends on being able to recruit and keep analytics experts and data scientists.

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