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How to Build a Smarter Business

Find out how with Vodafone’s new research report

Digital transformation is a challenge for all businesses. It’s what drives innovation, development, new ways of working and, ultimately, success. Some businesses gain a huge competitive edge through transformation. But not all.

We spoke to over 1,000 businesses like yours around the world to find out what sets them apart.;

In our research, we asked senior IT and business leaders questions about how they use technology and their approach to IT, risk and innovation. In doing so, we identified a small subset of businesses who do things a little differently to their peers. We call them smarter businesses, and in the How to Build a Smarter Business report, we explore how they:

  • Create a confident culture, in which risk, imagination and bravery is encouraged
  • Build a technology advantage by putting cloud at the very heart of everything they do
  • Employ skilled IT people, and make sure they are working in areas where they can have the biggest impact.

So get ahead of the competition. Build a smarter business.


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