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Global Trends Barometer 2019

The four key trends businesses should prepare for in 2019

We asked over 1,700 business leaders across the globe about the importance of future trends and how businesses should prepare for the opportunities and challenges they will bring in 2019. This extensive research revealed four key trends:

  1. In a digital world, trust is king

    A top concern for businesses is retaining the trust of customers. Second was keeping up with technology and third was losing important data. Only the businesses who prove themselves to be trustworthy can expect a successful year ahead.

  2. Prioritising ethics is central to winning the competitive race

    The world is starting to recognise the correlation between profit and purpose. It’s no longer just about price or product. Now social, ethical and political factors are playing a bigger and bigger role in people’s purchasing decisions.

  3. A balance is being struck between humans and machines

    Business management is learning to balance the skills provided by humans versus efficiencies provided by AI. Our research uncovered that most businesses are excited about the future (86%), and particularly optimistic when it comes to technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  4. Technology-led disruption is putting people at the heart of the business

    The power of technology lies in its speed and has created a ‘culture of now’: consumers expect immediacy, even as their needs are shifting all the time. In this climate, human relationships are invaluable. You need to be able to connect with your customers so that you can keep up with their needs.

Businesses of all sizes will face a year of challenge and change, but also a huge opportunity for businesses to grow, develop and succeed. Understanding and addressing these trends is essential for every business to ensure its success.

Download the Trends report 2019 to find out more.

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