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Achieving a Digital Single Market for Connected Cars

White Papers

eCall - implementation status, learnings and policy recommendations. A study for Vodafone - April 2016, from SBD.

News | April 2016

As the European Commission develops policies to create a Digital Single Market for Connected Cars, we think there is much to learn from Europe’s experiences in implementing eCall.

inbodyimage-Achieving a Digital Single Market for Connected Cars

All of Vodafone’s 12 EU mobile networks are able to recognise eCalls and are therefore ‘eCall-ready’. However, as full eCall implementation requires action on the part of national governments, automotive manufacturers and mobile operators, Vodafone commissioned this study from SBD because we wanted to help address any remaining challenges that might exist before the eCall ‘launch’ date of 31 March 2018, when new cars type approved in the EU must be equipped with an eCall device.

Based on the findings, it is clear that the majority of EU Member States have moved quickly to ensure eCall readiness, and the study highlights a number of best practices in this respect. However, it is also apparent that some Member States still have much work to do.

For the significant majority of Member States where work still needs to be done, we still have time to ensure that the deployment is completed on time. However, for the others we risk running out of time if we do not finalise national eCall plans and start the deployment of the necessary PSAP upgrades within the coming months.

There are also a number of practical steps that industry and government can take to answer other questions often associated with eCall, and the study makes a number of additional recommendations to advance the debate here.

We hope this report will provide an insightful guide for those implementing eCall across the EU, and that European citizens and consumers benefit as a result.

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