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Optimising your cloud costs and use without compromising performance

Advice and tips from our cloud experts

Controlling your cloud costs without compromising cloud performance

IT managers love efficiency. Finance directors want cost-effectiveness.  The cloud should satisfy both groups. But only if you really understand what you’re spending, what you’re getting for your money, and whether that’s really what your business really needs.

The reality is that cloud costs can spiral out of control if left unchecked. Public cloud services in particular with their ability to offer instant, on-demand scalability. With effortless availability, there isn’t always central oversight of the costs. Here our cloud expert, Marco Carrubba, investigates this common challenge.

The trick to optimising your use of the cloud? It starts with a shift in behaviour. We’ve summarised a few of the essential lessons here:

  • Change your mind-set first
  • Understand the way you pay
  • Take stock of what you have
  • Be aware of what’s happening in the market
  • Start with the minimum viable cloud approach

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