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MAPFRE and Vodafone launch ‘Connected Insurance’ for motorcycles

Madrid, April 24, 2019

MAPFRE, the leading insurance provider in Spain, and Vodafone, have announced today they are launching an innovative “connected insurance” service aimed to protect drivers and their motorbikes.

The solution consists in the installation of a discrete device on the motorcycle, which connects using Bluetooth via an app to the mobile phone of the insured, and allows not only for the vehicle to be located but also for information about its status to be transmitted directly to emergency services.

The App, developed by Vodafone and available for both Android and IOS devices, is able to detect an impact through different parameters, such as sudden deceleration or an odd inclination of the vehicle. In the event of a suspected accident, unless the user actively stops the notification, an emergency call is made automatically, guaranteeing bikers a fast response.

This innovative service also allows drivers to share the visibility of the device installed on the motorbike with every other user of the service in case of loss or theft, leveraging the community of drivers taking advantage of the App to locate it.

MAPFRE is the first insurer to include this technology in Spain. “We continuously innovate to offer the best solutions to our customers” said Ramón González Aznar, Director of Business Development of Cars and Assets at MAPFRE. “With Connected Motorcycle we take a very important step forward to protect people and vehicles”.

"This solution responds to the current, growing, demand to connect vehicles in a simple, discreet and autonomous way. Our commitment to improve connectivity options for vehicles using IoT and to continue innovating in the UBI sector is helping MAPFRE being one of the most advanced insurers, offering cutting-edge digitalized solutions for its clients" said Mariano Galán, country manager of Vodafone Global Enterprise, Spain.

MAPFRE motorcycle insurance protects about 600,000 motorcyclists in Spain, which represents 12% of the total number of vehicles the company insures in the country.

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