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There's a cloud that can make doing business simple

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How businesses can use a new approach to the cloud to solve problems and unlock efficiencies

Can the cloud cut through IT complexity?

The modern IT department is a complicated environment. CIOs are tasked with delivering innovation, by aligning the latest technology to business strategy, as well as ensuring that everyday services are maintained, secure and available.

But while demands are high, resource is limited. So CIOs need to be able to find simplicity in their solutions wherever they can – and that’s where the cloud can make a big difference.

eBook - There’s a cloud that can make doing business simple

This eBook looks at how businesses can make their operations simple and smooth through strategic use of cloud technologies. It also shows how removing unpredictability from crucial tools means that they can maximise their investments in people and innovation.

It explores:

  • The importance of an ever more strategic approach to the cloud
  • Why using the right cloud for the right purpose can make the CIO’s job easier
  • Real life use cases about businesses who have grown with a simple cloud solution
  • How simplicity can drive innovation

With over 25 years’ experience in cloud, hosting, the Internet of Things, mobile and global connectivity, Vodafone is perfectly positioned to help you use the cloud to become a Ready Business.

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Did you know?

Vodafone was named as a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global in 2018

Vodafone is qualified as a preferred supplier by major global vehicle manufacturers

Vodafone's high speed and low latency internet capacity has 28Tbps capacity worldwide