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IoT in focus

Showcasing how businesses of all sizes use IoT connectivity


Most of us have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), but do you know what it really is and how it can help your business thrive?

IoT has been around for years, and it already connects millions of devices across the world. From cars to energy meters, smart home monitoring and parcel tracking, IoT is everywhere but you may not be aware.


With IoT connectivity, businesses can connect machines, systems and all types of devices to collect and analyse data. Being connected not only creates a powerful customer experience but also provides insights for businesses to design better products, manufacture more efficiently and operate more sustainably.

No matter the industry you’re in or the size of your business, there is a suitable IoT solution for you. Watch Erik Brenneis, IoT Director at Vodafone Business, showcase how IoT is helping businesses innovate and improve their operations.

What do high-performing businesses say?

‘Fit for the future’ (FFTF) businesses see IoT technology as a key driver of progress and a catalyst for change.

feel very optimistic about IoT’s impact on society. They consider that IoT has a great, direct impact on their sustainable growth.
say technology can help them understand where they’re wasting resources. And IoT is a key strategic asset for this.

How IoT can transform businesses

It provides valuable insights into business everyday operations.

It helps optimise supply chains and improve quality control.

It helps understand where businesses can save on energy costs and resource maintenance.

IoT is already helping businesses of all sizes


Preventing and detecting water leaks with LeakSafe

LeakSafe provides water leak detection and prevention systems to UK households and businesses. They use IoT to send alerts as soon as leaks are detected, so they can fix them in time and help their end customers save thousands of pounds per year. Watch Andy Welch, Senior Business Development Manager at LeakSafe, explain how they are using IoT connectivity.


Accelerating the transition to zero emission transportation with Sycada

Sycada offers tools to make the public transport industry greener and safer. They use IoT connectivity to get real-time data from vehicles and electric chargers to create operational transparency for fleet operators and to prevent potential service outages. Watch Kristian Winge, CEO at Sycada Group, explain how IoT is helping them deliver more sustainable solutions.

Vodafone Business IoT

At Vodafone Business, we’ll work together with you to understand your specific challenges and priorities to make your IoT journey much easier. We have a range of IoT connectivity solutions that can be customised, and a secure global IoT network that your business can rely on.

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