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What is remote working?

Remote working lets people work from locations other than their office. Organisations provide the right technologies and infrastructure – such as laptops, mobile phones and a secure VPN connection – so that teams can work from anywhere. Flexible working conditions are usually included in company policies so that every employee is aligned on which tools to use, how to be available when working remotely and the minimum network requirements to ensure a seamless experience.

Helping you make the most of working remotely

As companies find themselves managing disrupted business through COVID-19, many are opting for full-time remote working for their employees.

At Vodafone Business, remote working has been part of our culture for some time now. That’s why we’ve put together five short podcasts to share some first-hand experience and ensure that you’re getting the best from working remotely. We’re also sharing our 5 tips for working away from the office and simple advice to help you make the most of your broadband and mobile connections.

But we know that with so many people working from home for the first time, especially at this scale, many organisations need support in order in getting the best out of this change. When it comes to adapting to the new reality of remote working, hear from our CEO Vinod Kumar as he talks through the steps Vodafone Business have taken to support our own employees during this time.

Looking ahead, organisations are also considering their longer-term approach to remote working. Explore how to build a game-changing remote working strategy with our practical eBook for guidance on making flexible working a reality for your business.

Technology powering remote working

Cloud and hosting services are a key enabler of remote working. For example, moving to the cloud can mean that collaboration tools such as Office 365 will be widely available without having to connect to a VPN – while still providing a secure environment.

A seamless remote working experience is underpinned by robust fixed connectivity and mobile communications – allowing you to get the most out of the unified communications solutions that keeps your business moving, wherever your teams are.

You can also take our Vodafone Digital Capability Assessment for a high-level overview of your organisation’s digital maturity, which offers immediate recommendations.

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