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What is public cloud?

There are three common ways an organisation can build a cloud environment: public, private, hybrid (and multi-cloud, which is the combination of the three). A public cloud refers to computing services offered by third-party providers over the public internet. It creates a multi-tenant environment, where organisations share the same resources. Yet, they don’t have to worry about other tenants seeing and accessing their data and applications.

A public cloud offers businesses easy and speedy access to IT resources without the costs and burden of managing their own infrastructure and data centre. In this solution, a service provider operates the cloud’s core infrastructure, software and back-end architecture and hence can offer computing as a service. Public clouds operate on a “pay as you go” billing model, where customers only pay for the resources they use.

Public cloud is ideal for enterprises starting out on their cloud journey. Companies who need to adopt a flexible and cost-efficient platform for public workload sharing can also profit from a public cloud.


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