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Is your business fit for a secure future?

Get insights from our fireside chat to protect your organisation

17 Oct 2023

Can you turn cyber security challenges into opportunities?

Over the years, Vodafone has conducted research on how organisations approach different challenges. We analysed how ‘fit for the future’ businesses stand out from their competitors by maintaining a positive attitude to change, adapting quickly to emerging trends and harnessing the power of technology through detailed strategies. Now, it’s time to dive deep into cyber security and understand how businesses navigate the evolving threat landscape.

Together with Omdia, we’ve just released our latest Fit for a Secure Future report that clearly shows why cyber security is more than staying safe. Our very own Andrzej Kawalec, Head of Cyber Security at Vodafone Business sat down with Maxine Holt, Head of Cyber Security Research at Omdia, to discuss the challenges businesses have to face and the opportunities cyber security can bring in a fireside chat hosted by Ebru Ozguc, Head of Global Brand and Reputation at Vodafone Business.

They take a closer look at:

  • What are the ongoing cyber security trends and concerns

  • How can businesses integrate emerging technologies safely

  • What opportunities can organisations expect from effective cyber security

  • Why does building cyber resilience require close collaboration

  • What’s the best way for businesses to approach cyber security


Our guests


Andrzej Kawalec, Head of Cyber Security at Vodafone Business

As a recognised leader in security and business strategy planning, Andrzej has spent over 20 years at leading innovative companies, including HP and Optiv. He regularly advises governments and global enterprises and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Andrzej is a member of the Global Agenda Council on Cyber Security and has also led the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Resilience project.

Maxine-Holt_Maxine Holt_RT-edited-white_background

Maxine Holt, Head of Cyber Security Research at Omdia

Spending her entire career in IT and security, Maxine worked as a researcher at Ovum and the Information Security Forum. As a lead architect of the Cyber Security Ecosystem at Omdia, she and her team deliver a comprehensive cyber security research programme. Maxine is a regular event speaker who leads the Omdia Analyst Summit at the high-profile Black Hat event series.


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