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Ready to create the future?

Join the Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme with AWS

01 Dec 2020

Revolutionising the way we live, work and play

We’re bringing the cloud closer to the devices that need it. Placing decision-making at the edge of our network means ultra-fast speeds and real-time insights. This unlocks incredible new possibilities and gives you the edge to redefine the future.

Your chance to make the impossible possible

The Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme with AWS gives you the power to change the game. Offering a 3 month schedule with access to Vodafone 5G and AWS Wavelength in the UK and Germany. As well as exclusive access to Edge training and expert support from Vodafone and AWS. Giving you the opportunity to test and deploy your app on Vodafone MEC powered by AWS.

You’ll also receive:


AWS Promotional credits

Along with access to technical support

Research & Development support

Potential research and development support from university and industry partners.

Access to Vodafone 4G & 5G network

As well as tech and connectivity experts

Programme Schedule

To apply, you must:

Have an innovative idea

Be a cloud, web, app developer, ISV or enterprise with a use case requiring MEC (or Edge Computing) in the UK or Germany

Develop a proof of concept by March 2021

And be ready for first test deployment in the UK or Germany by June (Priority given to use cases/solutions that require or fit best with MEC)

Allow us to feature your product

Agree to be featured in the promotion of the Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Programme

Existing use cases

Autonomous and assisted-driving vehicles

Immersive experiences that leverage augmented, virtual and mixed reality

Machine learning assisted diagnostics for Healthcare

Real-time video analytics and live video streaming

Real-time gaming

Rapid Internet of Things deployment

Find out more about Distributed Edge Computing powered by AWS

Did you know?

Wherever you’re based, we’re there

Around the globe, our network reaches 182 countries.

The complete package

We provide the physical network and the management and control function.

We are leaders

Gartner names Vodafone as a Leader in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global.