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Vodafone Business Boundless Working webinar featuring Forrester

Retain talent and boost agility with an employee-first approach

27 Nov 2023

Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst

Principal Analyst

Dan serves digital and technology leaders by guiding them through the challenges of business transformation. Dan’s particular focus is on digital teams, employee experience, the future of work, cultural transformation, and innovation. He also researches the migration to emerging business models like the subscription business model. Dan is an expert in the key technologies underpinning digital platforms, such as IoT, mobile technologies, and social collaboration technologies. Moreover, Dan has in-depth strategy experience in the telecom sector, stretching back well over two decades.

Andy Wood,

Senior Strategy Leader at Vodafone Business

Experienced strategy leader, shaping Vodafone’s global UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS & SaaS portfolio strategies, road maps and investment plans

Michelle Davies

Senior Manager Learning Performance & Reskilling, Vodafone

Michelle leads the Area of Expertise in the Vodafone Learning Organisation providing products supporting people performance, reskilling, coaching, and careers with previous experience in skills transformation and Tech L&D.

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