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Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength Launch Event

16 June 2021 3pm – 4pm (BST)

#EdgeComputing #5G

Sign up to attend our free online event and hear how the UK launch of Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength will drive a new wave of innovation and transformation.

Vodafone Distributed Edge with AWS Wavelength brings together the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud with the performance of Vodafone Business’ award-winning* 4G and 5G network — giving you real-time insight for faster decision-making and the opportunity to deliver incredible next-generation experiences.

With the ability to bring high resolution mixed reality to life, and improve use cases like healthcare, facility security, smart cars and cities and live, interactive video streaming, Edge Computing’s and 5G's true potential is only just starting to be realised.

Vodafone Business and AWS Wavelength power next-generation apps with Distributed Edge Computing at the edge of our intelligent 4G and 5G network and we’re excited to provide you with the chance to join us at the Launch Event and hear how together we can bring incredible to life.

*Vodafone received 59.88% of the votes for the “Best Network Provider” category vs competitors, by readers of Trusted Reviews who voted in the Mobile poll. As of October 2020, verification:"

About the event

In just one hour you’ll learn more about the exciting partnership between Vodafone Business and AWS, what this launch means for the UK market, and hear from customers who have already piloted their applications on our Distributed Multi-Edge Computing (MEC) with AWS. We'll also announce some exciting new opportunities where you can get involved and we’ll be bringing together a panel of technical experts, from both Vodafone and AWS, to help answer your questions.

Who should attend

This launch event is for those business or enterprise customers, application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) that are looking for a head start in developing new digital services with access to real-time analytics and to deliver next generation user experiences.

Who should attend
What is Vodafone Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength

What is Vodafone Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength

Simply put, Distributed Edge Computing brings cloud computing power closer to where it’s needed, reducing the time it takes for machines or people to respond to digital instructions. Whenever you use an application on a mobile network, these signals have to be sent back and forth between the device and the server where the application is hosted. This delay, usually 50 to 400 milliseconds, is known as latency.

By bringing the computing to the edge of Vodafone's ultra fast 4G and 5G network rather than keeping it at the core helps speeds things up. Along with a superfast 5G* network, AWS Wavelength achieves ultra-low latency making near real time applications achievable.

* 5G: Speed and coverage may vary

Explore how Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing is bringing the incredible to life