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Unlocking the keys to the Smart Home of the future

Events & Webinar

Events & Webinars | February 2013

An area that has captured everyone’s imagination over the last couple of days at the GSMA Connected City at Mobile World Congress is the impact of machine-to-machine technology in the home of the future.

image-M2M-Unlocking the keys to the Smart Home of the future

The potential within the Smart Home is huge, providing residents with advanced services and intelligence for managing home automation, security and a wide variety of appliances from any device. Brands will also benefit - helping transform goods that are sold from single-function devices to application platforms that enable a vast array of new services and help establish a tighter relationship with customers.

M2M connected devices can provide consumer usage data on a minute-by-minute basis, telling brands how, when and where people are interacting with products. This detailed insight can in turn be used to help shape future development, redesigning features and functionality to better suit user needs.

The applications and usage possibilities are endless. Smart appliances such as intelligent washing machines can notify the owner when they need to buy more detergent, and smart refrigerators can provide recipe suggestions based on the food inside. Smart thermostats can use sensors to monitor local weather conditions and adjust automatically in response to changes in temperature, bringing the dual benefit of improving energy efficiency and saving money.

One of our demos at Mobile World Congress has been created by our partner Accenture and shows an end-to-end smart home service in a box, making it simple and efficient to introduce services based on M2M technology through a single platform.

Another huge area of opportunity that we are showcasing with Mi5 Security lies in home surveillance – with M2M-enabled cameras and sensors improving security by monitoring properties and notifying residents or emergency services in the event of an incident.

M2M is also set to have a major impact on home healthcare. Whether it is remote devices sending data to consumers’ smartphones for real-time health monitoring throughout the day or using GPS locators to monitor the safety of elderly people, children or pets in the home.

What’s certain is that M2M technology is already driving many of the new exciting innovations being rolled out in the home, and will produce winners all round – from consumers who have better access to a broader range of services through to brands that can build stronger, more fruitful relationships with their customers.

We’ll be showing many of these Smart Home innovations at Mobile World Congress this week within Vodafone’s Connected Home in the Connected City. Come by if you would like to find out more!

Discover more

Throughout the week, we will be sharing videos of demos that we are showing through the Vodafone Global Enterprise YouTube channel, within the Machine 2 Machine playlist. Please take a look!

Vodafone M2M YouTube Channel

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