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The way forward: from the workshop to the tracks

11 Jan 2022

Over the last year, businesses across the world had to pivot and respond quickly to the pandemic to support customers and employees, while staying relevant and moving forward. From managing teams and scaling innovation to the transition to E-Sports, the Porsche Motorsport team did it all.

Technologies like 5G, IoT and more play a huge role in enabling businesses to become fit for the future. They push the boundaries of innovation and help businesses remain relevant and competitive.

On-demand fireside chat with Vodafone Business and Porsche Motorsport conducted in Oct 2021 on:

  • Overcoming COVID-19 challenges: Managing the team during the pandemic and adapting to the changing circumstances of Formula E
  • Innovation: How the Porsche Motorsport team approached innovation and technology considerations
  • Partnership: Strategic partnership with Vodafone Group and what that means to the business


  • Daniel Beevers, President, Asia Pacific & Middle East, Vodafone Business
  • Carlo Wiggers, Director of Team Management & Business Relations, Porsche Motorsport

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