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How Disruptive Tech is Reshaping Cybersecurity

19 Oct 2022

The future is coming sooner than we may think, and businesses need to be prepared. Disruptive technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), have been emerging to support fast-evolving customer and employee needs. But change comes with new challenges. Attack surfaces are constantly evolving, while data breaches and cyber security threats keep growing.

How can businesses pivot their connected security approach to stay future-proof?

Join our webinar to hear more from Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone Business and guest speaker Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst at Forrester:

The on-demand webinar will cover the impact of disruptive technologies and their security implications for businesses. Discussions will include:

  • Today’s evolving customer and employee expectations
  • Emerging technologies that businesses are adopting – including Cloud, 5G, AI, Machine Learning (ML) and more
  • Security implications and considerations of new technologies
  • Challenges with traditional security approaches, and opportunities for SASE & Zero Trust concepts to secure enterprises
  • Andy Linham shares Vodafone Business’ approach to borderless confidence with Secure Connected Enterprise

Register now and learn how to make your business future-ready without compromising security.

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