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Future of Work webinar featuring Forrester

09 Jul 2021

Talent, technology, processes and policies are key components to every organisation’s ability to strategically and successfully prepare for the Future of Work. While IT, Human Resources, Operations and other lines of businesses tend to have different views of what the Future of Work holds, all are important contributions to what makes an organisation resilient, relevant and future ready.

From physical workspace transformation and remote working enablement to onboarding processes and supporting employee’s health and well-being, the Future of Work has become a top leadership priority. Talent attraction and retention remains key with businesses investing in technology to enable their employees to work remotely and flexibly.

In this webinar, guest speaker Dan Bieler, Principal Analyst, Forrester, spoke to Vodafone Business and our customers about:

  • Trends and use cases of how to tackle near and long-term Future of Work challenges
  • Understand how different functions can come together to reveal Future of Work opportunities
  • Tips and considerations on how to redesign the workplace for a hybrid workforce
Examples of how technology can support an effective talent strategy

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