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How to protect your business with the zero trust approach

09 Mar 2023

Adopting new technologies can not only support flexible and remote working – thus, making your employees happy – but improve business agility as well. Also, moving applications and data to the cloud and network edge can help you reduce costs, but all this may involve potential security risks or can cause performance issues or network delays. Most IT leaders nowadays are being bombarded with new technologies and industry associated acronyms, so being informed with the best ways to protect your business can help you navigate the network security landscape more efficiently.

Following the success of our webinar, Transformation of Work: The fine balance between freedom and risk, we have recorded another discussion, where our renowned strategist, Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager for Fixed Connectivity, Vodafone Business, re-connected with Andre Kindness, Principal Analyst at Forrester to talk about the zero trust approach.

Some of the hot security topics they talked about:

  1. What does zero trust really mean and where does SASE fit in?
  2. How can you best manage the proliferation of applications?
  3. How can businesses bring security into their SD-WAN and Cloud environments? Should they keep the two separate?
  4. What are the main challenges customers face when trying to implement the zero trust approach?
  5. How will new technologies, such as blockchain, AI and ML have an impact on the zero trust market?

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