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Business drivers and benefits of a Zero Trust approach

A deeper view into finance, manufacturing and automotive

28 Mar 2023

How do businesses benefit from a Zero Trust approach to unifying network and security?

Working models have significantly changed in the last three years, putting pressure on network functions and security capabilities to adapt to them. These drivers are pushing businesses to reimagine their perimeter and network security models, aligning to a Zero Trust framework and new solutions. But how do these drivers impact different industries?

Financial institutions want to give their employees the flexibility and consistency to work anywhere, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance. Manufacturers leverage a myriad of applications to run and manage production lines for fast, cost-effective decision-making or automation. Network and security requirements may differ, bringing different considerations to ensuring a secure connected enterprise that supports business outcomes.

In this webinar, Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone Business, and guest speakers from Forrester, Paul McKay, VP Research Director, and Madelein van der Hout, Senior Analyst, will talk about the business drivers and benefits behind securing the future of work. Join our experts and learn about the core services for modern security and network converged services and specific industry considerations for finance, automotive and manufacturing.


- Welcome and introductions
- Presentation by Forrester on business drivers for change and industry considerations
- Presentation by Vodafone Business on industry use cases and approaches to securing the future of work
- Panel discussion and Q&A


Andy Linham

Andy Linham, Senior Strategy Manager at Vodafone Business

Andy has been working in and around the telecoms industry for 20 years. He’s got a varied background that includes technical roles, Sales and strategy. He has put together Vodafone Business’ vision for fixed connectivity, SD-WAN, SASE and IoT solutions.


Paul McKay

Guest speaker Paul McKay, VP Research Director

Paul is Forrester’s VP, Research Director leading the company’s technology architecture and delivery (TAD) and security and risk (S&R) research in Europe. Paul leads a team of analysts writing for technology clients on topics like software testing, data governance and management, enterprise architecture and cloud.


Madelein van der Hout

Guest speaker Madelein van der Hout, Senior Analyst

Madelein is a Senior Analyst on the Security and Risk (S&R) team at Forrester, focusing on European security consulting firms, European CISO strategy work, security operating model and organisational research. She supports security executives and professionals in building and maturing their security goals.


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