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Vodafone Ireland drives employee safety

Case Studies | January 2018

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Vodafone Ireland embraces tracking solution to better manage its vehicle fleet and ensure the safety of its staff.

Business Need

Employers’ duty of care to employees is changing. It is no longer enough to take a passive role, particularly where employers have the means to do more. Safety on the road is one area of focus. Vodafone Global saw an opportunity to address this, and take a leadership position on employee duty of care. The new policy would apply to all Vodafone operating companies; Vodafone Ireland began the search for a suitable solution.

Vodafone Ireland wanted a solution that not only meet corporate standards, but would be accepted by users. The company required an application that drivers could review on their smartphones and tablets that would ‘score’ driver behaviour, encouraging instances of good driving. It also wanted a solution that could simplify the recording of Benefit in Kind (BIK) liabilities and business mileage for drivers.


The Vodafone Automotive solution uses the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform to capture driver, location and vehicle data, relaying it to the cloud. It can identify harsh braking and speeding, and plot and store journey routes. It records business mileage but includes a privacy button for users to switch off tracking out of office hours, should they want to. The Vodafone Ireland fleet manager can see total business and private miles, with details such as location and times only viewable by the driver.

The solution is being piloted with 12 drivers. Vodafone Ireland will then listen to user feedback to ensure the solution fits requirements, before a full roll-out. Vodafone Ireland expects all 130 fleet users to be using the solution within 12 months.

Business Benefits

  • Vodafone Automotive have extensive capability to provide fleet solutions for a range of types of customers
  • Privacy mode to protect out-of-hours driving
  • Creates leadership position in terms of employee duty of care
  • Expected to generate fuel cost savings of 10-15%, with reduced maintenance and insurance costs
“We’re taking a lead on improved fleet management. Our employees can see we are doing our best to ensure their health and safety at work. We believe this kind of vehicle tracking will be standard within five years.”

Anne Sheehan,

Enterprise Business Unit Director, Vodafone Ireland

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