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eGate improves global passenger experience with Vodafone IoT

Case Study

Case study | March 2015

eGate is a solutions provider to the airline and rail industry. To improve the passenger experience it is striving to deliver the fastest, most accurate on-board data to suppliers. Managed connectivity from Vodafone is central to this. To outsiders, the airline industry may retain a glamorous image. To those on the inside it is an extremely competitive, low margin battle. The difference between profit and loss can be the revenues created from on-board sales.


Business Need

To work eGate needed a communications solution capable of securely carrying data, worldwide. It wanted a global partner, and the means to manage and monitor its connected devices. To be effective, eGate needed confidence that this data was both accurate and up-to-the-minute.


Using the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, when the plane lands, all sales, logistics and planning data is gathered and sent to a mobile hotspot. This data is then made available to suppliers. It means suppliers have a ‘live’ view of the arriving flight, and are able to forward on plans for the upcoming flight.

Business Benefits

  • Delivers immediate breakdown of inflight data, helping better plan services
  • Allows airlines and suppliers to create a more meaningful inflight experience for passengers
  • Creates a strategic advantage for other companies within the Gate Group
"Price and connectivity are both important, of course, but what really mattered to us was the ability to manage our connectivity, to understand what was going on with the devices. Frankly, before the Vodafone solution, we didn’t have anywhere near this level of control."

Paulo Leitão,
Global Hardware Manager, eGate Solutions

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