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Vodafone IoT and VISION Localization Systems support Alzheimer’s patients

Case Study

Case Studies | May 2016

inbodylogo-Vodafone IoT and VISION Localization Systems

VISION Localization Systems is a Spanish company specialising in the research, design and sale of personal location trackers. The company focuses on developing a service to aid people with a high risk of getting lost, including the mentally ill.

Business Need

VISION’s breakthrough product, Keruve, was created to eliminate the risk of patients getting lost, and allow people with Alzheimer’s to continue to lead as normal a life as possible. VISION needed a reliable and global connectivity supplier that could provide it with a standard solution for all markets.


The Keruve location device comprises a discrete GPS watch, equipped with a safety lock, Vodafone SIM and battery. It is worn by the person with dementia, and is coupled to an easy-to-use portable receiver for family members. The carer need only press the “locate” button on the receiver and in less than 30 seconds they will receive the exact position of the Alzheimer’s sufferer displayed on a map. There are no limits on distance.

Business Benefits

  • Improves the quality of life of Alzheimers patients and their family members, reduces the burden on carers and relatives
  • Vodafone’s network coverage and roaming service guarantees uninterrupted service in any location
  • Vodafone provides easy integrated management of the full IoT service that has been implemented, all with a single point of contact
  • The use of a single cost structure for all countries enables simple and transparent management
“The Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform makes the centralised management of SIM cards straightforward, allowing integration with our systems.”

Abilio Caetano,
CEO,VISION Localization Systems

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