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Vodafone Cloud and Hosting enables fintech leader Bravura Solutions to remain flexible and secure

Case Study

A cloud and hosting solution built for flexibility and security

In choosing Vodafone Cloud and Hosting, Bravura has underscored its ambition to forge ahead with smart fintech solutions.

Business need

With £1.4 trillion of other people’s money to take care of, security and data sovereignty were high on the agenda for Bravura. “Clients rely on us to provide a secure service in a highly regulated market,” says Terry McCann, CIO of Bravura. “It’s very important to know that the technology partners we work with can tick the security and resilience boxes. Clients trust us for our consistent, reliable, high quality performance, which helps them strengthen important relationships and grow the value of their customers’ portfolios. We needed a partner with global reach, large infrastructure and brand heritage.”


For the last five years, Vodafone’s infrastructure has provided a solid bedrock to underpin Bravura’s innovative business model, freeing up IT staff to focus on adding deep functionality to existing software and pioneering new services.

Business Benefit

With Vodafone, Bravura knows its clients’ business-critical data is in safe hands, protected in a managed hosting solution and delivering continuous connectivity. Vodafone nurtures transparent long-term relationships that build value for clients. Now, they maintain a daily operational presence within Bravura, providing on-site support and account management. That commitment allows Bravura to make its own unparalleled Service Level Agreements and present a seamless customer and employee experience.

"Right from the beginning, we were impressed by their level of engagement in our requirements and challenges. Vodafone’s drive to understand us makes every conversation quicker, more productive and more creative. It’s a true partnership."
Terry McCann,
CIO, Bravura


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