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Vodafone and Telenor set new IPX benchmark

Case Study

5 services delivered over one IPX interconnect

Vodafone and Telenor have set a new benchmark in IPX by running five separate live services across a single IPX connection. The services being delivered over the IPX today are: 4G signalling service, 2G/3G signalling, direct voice, data roaming services and lastly SMS traffic.

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About Vodafone Carrier Services

Vodafone Carrier Services manages the commercial relationships with over 1,000 communications service providers globally and offers a broad portfolio of voice, network connectivity, and messaging services.

Vodafone has one of the most reliable and wide-reaching global networks that spans across and between Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. It is ranked in the Top 10 Global Internet Providers and for the fourth consecutive year is the world’s largest international voice carrier.

Through a single connection to Vodafone, a service provider can support its worldwide communication needs and access the unrivalled scale and reach of Vodafone’s network, benefiting from the same quality management used to support its own global customers.