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Vodafone and Porsche Netherlands offer private shared car ownership

Case Study

Case studies | August 2016

inbodylogo-IoT-Vodafone and Porsche Netherlands offer

‘Share a Porsche’ service extends the experience of driving a Porsche to more people than ever before.

Business Need

Bringing a new shared ownership concept to an uncompromising market was Porsche Netherland’s objective, together with a great user experience including simplicity of access to the service, ultimate service reliability and complete reporting accuracy.


“Share a Porsche” service enables a small group of people, two to four friends or colleagues, to share a car under a collective lease contract. The agreement is over a predetermined period of 12 or 24 months, for a fixed mileage that can be used between the multiple owners.

Every ‘shared’ vehicle is installed with a Vodafone Automotive telematics device, with data gathered and then analysed via the Vodafone telematics platform.


  • Brings a brand new vehicle ownership and usage model to market
  • Enables more potential customers to access and enjoy a prestigious brand and its products
  • Opens up new markets and revenue streams for the manufacturer
“We knew the power of the Vodafone Automotive telematics and IoT network. Vodafone already provides service for the manufacturer’s Porsche Car Connect. By utilising its existing network and service and giving these a new application with the ‘Share a Porsche’ initiative, Vodafone Automotive was able to provide a suitable technical solution. That enabled Porsche Netherlands to enter the Dutch market with a perfectly operating service.”

Paul van Splunteren,
Managing Director, Porsche Netherlands

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